Concrete Shamanism Oracle Decks

We are extremely excited to present these Concrete Shamanism Oracle Decks. These decks have been years in the making and being able to finally present them to you is quite amazing. These decks are the culmination of lots of intense work and training so gaining access to this information was quite difficult. It should not be treated lightly.

You’ll need a password to access these decks (for now) because they are not just for everyone. To be notified of when these decks will be publicly available, join the mailing list. Requesting a password from us is futile because we only distribute them to people we know or have worked with. 

We have released two decks so far. The Concrete Shamanism Oracle Deck contains advanced spiritual concepts so a certain level of spiritual development is required. We also have a Concrete Spirit Communication Deck that allows the spirits to communicate with you using a very limited vocabulary. 

Use of these decks is your responsibility and we cannot be there with you when using these decks. If further insight or interpretation is needed, we cannot be immediately available for you. Keep a clear head when using these decks because you are running the show. 

We look forward to releasing more of our Concrete Shamanism Oracle Decks so stay tuned. Special previews of the decks are below.

Preview of The Concrete Shamanism Oracle Deck

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Preview of The Concrete Spirit Communication Deck

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So You Don’t Believe In Spirits?

By Patrick Coleman and Merrick Jacobson

You don’t have to believe in something for it to be true.

Before we were initiated, both of us were mostly atheist. We say “mostly” because even though we were spiritually focused, religious notions of God prevented us from taking that leap of faith into the unknown.  We had a deep desire to understand advanced spiritual concepts but our view of reality at the time did not allow for anything beyond what our physical senses were reporting to us. And the idea that there were non-physical entities floating around seemed quite ludicrous to us. And what are “spirits” anyway and furthermore how can human beings receive communication from them?

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