Divine Masculine

Our culture currently places a large emphasis on women’s rights and the needs of females to be powerful in our society. And it is very important to honor the Divine Feminine and the Goddess.

Awakening the Divine Masculine can be a powerful experience as you will suddenly know what to do in any situation. You’ll gain a top-down perspective of your life and the path you are taking.

If you are a man interested in possessing the traits of the Divine Masculine, contact us today for a special session designed just for men. No matter your sexual orientation, the Divine Masculine traits of strength, focus and determination can serve you and the people you love. Learn how to honor the females in your life and heal any wounds from past or current relationships.

With the Divine Masculine awakened within you, expect to have more self-confidence, the ability to be objective, have improved thinking ability, gain emotional clarity, have more will-power, exert mental discipline and be ability to think rationally about any situation. You will learn how to honor women.

Concrete Shamanism is all about oneness and encourages unity and harmony.  We do not celebrate the wounds of the past, rather we look towards a future where we can all be truly equal and live in peace and harmony. To schedule a session, call or text 773-789-9275.