Merrick Jacobson has a degree in creative writing from the University of Wisconsin and he is the tribe’s sacred historian and informational gateway. As the first point of contact, he educates those new to shamanic practice as well as those familiar in receiving shamanic consultation. He has fully accepted his calling into becoming a shaman and he trains daily. He practices complete abstinence from all mind-altering substances after experiments with psychedelics turned into nightmarish experiences. He also practices disconnection from social media as part of his spiritual practice.

He is a lover of nature and a beacon of light for those around him. He understands the importance of play and fun. He has formed a writing partnership with Patrick Coleman and they are working on a book together about their spiritual experiences, adventures in sobriety and sharing all ways to stay in healthy relationship with friends and family.

A Near-Death-Experience

Merrick’s life changed completely after a car accident the day after Christmas in  2016. Coming to consciousness in a hospital bed, he describes the sensation as “a baby being born” and he was thrust into a period of confusion with all the classic hallmarks of a shamanic initiation. He had, as Terence McKenna states, “stepped in some cosmic doo-doo.” His previous experience with ethnogens, had unwittingly prepared him for the series of mind-blowing experiences he would have next. An initiate might think they are the reincarnation of Jesus or feel they have secret knowledge that is at risk of being stolen. None of that is true, of course, and Merrick was able to work through that process on his own without the assistance of an elder or a trainer.

In Merrick’s case, he kept a low-profile about it all not daring to reveal the spiritual transformation that was happening to him. He met Patrick in the Summer of 2017 and they immediately struck up a friendship. And when Patrick revealed that he was a shaman, Merrick began to think that maybe he might be one, too, For many initiates, being a shaman seems to make the most sense as to the confusing events surrounding them. As America is not a shamanic culture, most get ensnared in the mental health system. If it had not been for the support of his friends and family, he might have never known the miracle unfolding inside of him.

Meanwhile, In Peru

Merrick’s visit to Peru in Spring 2018 re-awakened his innermost self and reminded him of the true nature of his soul. He had an epic experience while hiking through the Andes and his life-changing adventure in those mountains continues to inform his spiritual journey. Perhaps most important to Merrick, was a singular moment in that 3 day trek. He deliberately fell behind the rest of his group to enjoy the scenery without any noise or distractions. He turned a corner and saw a sight so breath-taking that it completely immobilized him.

He dropped on his knees and began crying uncontrollably. He described his tears as “The most euphoric cry I’ve had in my life. Even when I had similar cries while I was on LSD. It was more powerful, and really, my words can never describe it for what it was.”

That visit in Peru was more than just a vacation and the shamanic impulse became even stronger.

The True Work Begins

when he returned to Chicago, his friendship with Patrick deepened and they began working together on various creative projects including writing for a magazine about urban shamanism. They made videos on spiritual topics and participated in livestreams. He assisted with consultations, ceremonies and rituals and it became very clear to Merrick that if he did not accept his calling to finally begin his training he probably would not get another chance.

He boldly stepped into the unknown and faced his biggest fears.He discovered long -buried emotional traumas and repressed sexual feelings that were dragged to the surface. He battled the forces of darkness, encountered poisonous serpents and with the help of his elder Patrick, has managed to avoid the traps and pitfalls that can happen to young initiates. His hard work in dealing with these forces has resulted in a wisdom that far exceeds his physical age. The express path to this wisdom is not for the faint of heart and Merrick’s courage in this regard is a benefit to all that know him.

He has formed a writing partnership with Patrick and the are working on a consciousness-raising project to debut in Fall 2018. He writes for the Concrete Tribe website as well as provides input on other creative projects including an upcoming documentary.

Talking About My Generation

What Merrick can teach his generation will be invaluable in the coming years. He has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of classic rock music as well as being an expert on videogames. As a shining example of what can happen to a man who seeks answers to questions about life, reality and what it all means, we are excited for his future writings.  While his generation might appear to be satisfied with being aimless and non-ambitious, he knows that is not really true.