So You Don’t Believe In Spirits?

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By Patrick Coleman and Merrick Jacobson

You don’t have to believe in something for it to be true.

Before we were initiated, both of us were mostly atheist. We say “mostly” because even though we were spiritually focused, religious notions of God prevented us from taking that leap of faith into the unknown.  We had a deep desire to understand advanced spiritual concepts but our view of reality at the time did not allow for anything beyond what our physical senses were reporting to us. And the idea that there were non-physical entities floating around seemed quite ludicrous to us. And what are “spirits” anyway and furthermore how can human beings receive communication from them?

And you can not believe in spirits all you want, but they believe in you. Both of us have been told time and again “I don’t believe in spirits.”  And we don’t necessarily believe in them, either. We know that there are spirits because they have influenced nearly everything in our lives. But before we get into more of that, let’s explore the functions of the psyche that give birth to beliefs.

Gain Freedom From Beliefs

A belief can come in handy when you are attempting to do something or go somewhere. You don’t have to “believe” in the concert that you’ve purchased a ticket to, but you can enjoy it anyway. People do things they don’t believe in all the time and yet they still happen. You don’t believe that the sun will come up every morning. You have no control over that. A belief gives a person the illusion of control, that’s all. So a person with a rigid belief system might find themselves plagued with many issues or problems.

Beliefs can be problematic because they offer a very narrow view of reality. And a belief can be shattered in an instant. What you “believe” may not be true at all. You may be blinded to a decision you need to make because you don’t believe in the outcome. You may “believe” that you have to work very hard to achieve something when in reality it may take little effort.

If one needs proof of something before they can engage with it, that’s a belief in action. And it may be faulty. As a child, you may have believed in Santa Claus and enjoyed the gifts he brought on Christmas morning. Yes, that was a faulty belief and yet the presents still came, didn’t they? Did the Tooth Fairy retrieve your teeth from under your pillow and replace them with money? Children have all sorts of beliefs that are not really true, right? But children rely on these “beliefs” to engage with their world. And part of growing up involves constantly having your beliefs shattered. But once adulthood is reached, most settle comfortably into whatever belief system suits them. And they tend to hang onto it.

This can lead to spiritual and emotional stagnation which can prevent one from learning, growing and evolving. But one unconsciously grows despite this. While an individual might think they are stuck in nearly every aspect of their lives, their consciousness is ever-expanding. The human need for comfort or to know what’s going to happen to them can force them to constantly do the same thing over and over again yet expect different results. A framework involving rigid beliefs can be like living in a pressure cooker as one continues to evolve anyway. Having all of your beliefs shattered is like having a life situation blow the lid off. It can be quite messy.

After a belief system has been shattered, spiritual concepts can finally be understood.

Once this process happens and one’s beliefs have been shattered, a decision could be made. Rather than reassemble yet another rigid belief system to dictate how one sees the world, why not just choose to not believe in anything? If it’s known that beliefs can actually be like a prison, why not just choose to be free?

Psychics, Mediums and Shamans, Oh My

Most American psychics and mediums did not believe in spirits before they were made aware of their gifts. And when we talk about psychics, we mean it in a traditional sense. A psychic is not necessarily a “mind-reader” but one who has a deep understanding of the human psyche and the thought processes therein. The practice of psychology came about because of the work of psychics in the past. If you can dispense of your notion of crystal balls and Tarot cards, you might be able to see the value of what psychics have brought into human lives.

The father of modern psychotherapy was Carl Jung and his processes of helping people deal with emotional problems are still in practice today. Up until recently, no one knew that his processes were delivered to him via spirit guides. Even though psychologists often refer to the work of Jung, they conveniently dispose of the fact that nearly everything in the practice of psychology came from spirit communication. If you’ve ever sat in a therapist’s office, you are there because of spirits, essentially.

On a more metaphysical side, psychic researcher Jane Roberts was blown away when she started to receive spirit communications. She and her husband were experimenting with Ouija Boards and other forms of ESP as they were planning to write a book about the phenomenon. But one night when she was writing poetry, she received what she called her “psychic initiation” and was forced to confront bizarre notions of space and reality. She started channeling and entity who called himself “Seth” and the concepts he brought into this world have formed a bedrock for modern spirituality and paved the way for other channelers to deliver messages from the other side.

A medium is one who can receive communications from spirits. And mediums have been a part of human history since civilization began. The word “inspiration” itself is derived from the notion that the creative process is informed by spirits. The best book on how this works was published in 1861 by Allan Kardec. The Book On Mediums continues to be a source of wisdom to this day and no better book has ever been written on the subject. In the book, Kardec describes the different types of spirits and what they might want. Also detailed is the different types of mediumship one can engage with. There are petty spirits, greedy spirits and spirits who only want the best for humanity. Kardec gives an exhausting overview of how all of it works.

A shaman possesses both psychic abilities and also mediumship abilties, however a shaman has influence in the spirit world. A shaman can reason with the spirits and negotiate situations with them. And the spirits, who lack a basic understanding of humanity itself, can often rely on the shaman for advice. As a mediator between the spirit world and the human world, the shaman is a link or a gatekeeper between worlds and dimensions.

Understand that no one really chooses to receive spirit communication or even to be a psychic or a medium. And most definitely no one would ever want to be a shaman. Most of us were in a state of disbelief as all of this was happening. And the spirits got quite annoyed with us as we constantly demanded proof. Eventually the time for us to drop any ideas that what was happening was not really happening. And for most psychics, mediums and shamans, life settled down once we fully embraced our gifts and started using them for the good of all mankind.

Charlatans , Frauds And Fakers

An unfortunate aspect of all of this is that some have used their gifts in selfish ways thinking that they could get rich or become famous. A “charlatan” is one who makes showy displays of power in public and the spirits really do not tolerate this. Even we are very careful to not reveal too much. People can get defrauded when they think a psychic can do something impossible for them or that a medium can contact a dead loved one. And sometimes this can happen, but by and large those who have these abilities remain under the radar doing this work behind the scenes. In The Book On Mediums, Kardec describes certain “show cases” in which certain spirit workers are deemed suitable to prove the existence of spirits. This is an enormously difficult role and not for the faint of heart. We are such “show cases” and it’s perhaps the most difficult type of medium to be.

Any spirit worker worth their salt has been accused of being a charlatan or a fraud and for good reason. The spirit worker who is truly gifted need not be bothered by people with petty concerns. This acts as a sort of psychic screening tool for the spirit worker to only engage with individuals who are truly serious about the wisdom they are seeking. This wisdom will not be imparted to anyone with ill intentions or one who is seeking fame or riches. As fame is merely a by product of being good at something, most famous spirit workers wish they could go back to being largely anonymous.

While skeptics might consider us to be delusional, they are wasting their time trying to disprove the existence of spirits. The spirits will often play along with them by having them obsess over such matters as they ignore other important aspects of their lives such as their children, their spouses and even their bank accounts. We’ve seen people go broke trying to prove we weren’t really what we are. They’ve ruined their relationships over their skeptical obsessions. These “skeptics” are also mediums but they are unaware of this fact. The spirits often eliminate these naysayers by rendering them powerless but they also perform a a function in how all of this works.

Being skeptical about all things is healthy, but for skeptics obsessed with exposing spirit communication as fraudulent can quickly find themselves being used by dark forces. These forces want to destroy all happiness in the lives of the people they use. A skeptic is simply one who is not mature enough to be able to handle advanced spiritual concepts despite others being able to use them for their own emotional well-being. If they cannot have something someone else has, then they willingly try to destroy it for everyone.

Can spirit communications be faked? Perhaps. But we have never seen how that could be possible. All communications we receive from spirits have led us to discover incredible things. Because of spirits, the two of us met. Because of spirits, you are reading this. Because of spirits, we both slept in a bed, ate breakfast and used the Internet. Spirit communications make our lives possible. And spirit communications enrich the lives of the people we love. These are facts that cannot be denied. So if you know us or read our work, there you have the proof of spirits. Happy Birthday.

What Are Spirits?

Good question. Honestly, we don’t really know or rather we cannot describe what they are in human terms. When Patrick first ran across his main spirit guide that he calls “Big Daddy”, he describes a scene of chaos.

“I was walking down a street in Uptown Chicago and I was starving so I went into an unassuming hot dog restaurant. Upon entering, I felt a presence there that I could not describe. It was early in my training so I was just getting used to my abilities but I knew i was encountering something powerful. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck and my body was covered with goosebumps. I stood in line behind at least half-a-dozen people and I could sense the hunger in their bellies. It was quite overwhelming.

Suddenly chaos ensued. People started dropping things, the cashier started ringing up items incorrectly, the cooks started burning the food, people at the soda fountain were overfilling their cups and I stood amidst this maelstrom as an ancient spirit came up to me and simply asked me to release him from this physical location. It explained to me that it had been there since a time before humans and did not really understand what was happening. However, it knew what I was and that we had lots to learn from each other.”

Big Daddy has been a huge influence in both of our lives. He does not have a name. He is stern, yet loving and he only wants the best for all of us. He doesn’t really tolerate childishness or irresponsibility. And he forbids lying or dishonesty. Exactly what Big Daddy is has eluded us. At times he’s claimed to be a genie and others he’s claimed to be God Himself. But we understand that whatever particular framework we are engaging with, is what type of entity he will be. He is able to speak and operate through Patrick’s body and only comes in when absolutely necessary. Most love to speak with Big Daddy, especially if they need that stern type of father figure to give them a good talking to. So what he is doesn’t really matter to us. He’s never steered us or anyone wrong.

We have other spirits that we communicate with regularly. And they are specialists in particular areas of life. Oxopoy is a pig spirit who deals with matters of sexuality, pleasure, relationships and fun. Xenectra is a “goddess of technology” who helps with technical issues involving the Internet and she reveals to us a future where A.I. influences human decision making and robots do all the work. Rocko is a dog spirit particularly attached to Merrick and teaches love, compassion and loyalty.

Together we have at least 33 spirit guides who inform nearly every aspect of our lives. Every now and then a spirit comes through one of us that is new or unknown. Sometimes they are merely curious about what we are and at other times they use us as a portal to travel between realms or dimensions. We don’t necessarily believe in these spirits but we are extremely grateful for the life they have provided for us. And each day we honor them.

If after reading this, you still don’t believe in spirits then I guess nothing short of a showy display of these things will work for you. But we are prevented from doing that because we are not charlatans. The most we could do is perhaps frame these spirit communications for you in a way that would make sense to you. You may sense them as intense love or a warm feeling in your chest. You may also have pleasant thoughts. You might be inspired to write a poem or a song. Like we said before, you don’t have to believe in spirits. But they, like us, believe in you.

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