Stefano holds the pure love vibration for The Concrete Tribe and is preparing to teach his techniques of how to access those pure love states. As Italians are known for their passion, the tribe is very grateful to have him.

Born in 1994 in a little city in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Stefano Hawke Isaacs spent his childhood in a lovely suburban neighborhood close to the countryside where he started developing his deep connection with nature.

He was the second child of a loving family and a pretty smart kid always with top grades at school, despise his introvert temper he was surrounded by many great friends.
At the age of 9 he joined scoutism from which he learned to love nature, adventure and service towards others in need.
As far as we are concerned about his early life… that’s all.
pretty boring huh?
We Italians call this “crescere in un acquario” (growing up into an acquarium)
things will get twisted later on though.


As he grew up he chose to join Liceo Scientifico a kind of public highscool for elite students where natural selection was applied trough a harsh educational program ( half of the students mostly change school within the first 2 years).
He excelled both in humanistics and scientific subjects, and as time passed by this clever guy got sick bored of his life and started dreaming of going on an adventure in some distant and exotic lands.
During the summer in-between his 3rd and 4th year of high school he came across a pamphlet for an exchange program, he caught the opportunity at once signed up for an exchange year in Thailand and worked his ass off to get the full scholarship. In June 2011 at the age of 17 he packed his suitcase with clothes and dreams and flew for the first time to another continent.


What to say, for a kid who was raised into an aquarium being thrown out from Europe to Southeast Asia was like tasting the ocean for the first time.
Stefano was so amazed and confused by how much that reality was different from the one he grew up with, he had to face many challanges such as learning a crazy difficult new language and making new friends and the more he progressed into that struggle the more he developed confidence in himself and started falling in love with that culture, to the point that after 6 months he could already hold friendly conversations in Thai and travel around Thailand with his newfound friends.
During that period he also discovered his creative vein and started to write down poems and short tales, and thus Hawke Isaacs came to life.
From now on I’m gonna refer to myself as Hawke as that is a name I chose after a deep process of self understanding and introspection and I’d prefer to go on this way as that name reflects my inner self better.


Eventually all that Hawke firstly discovered became a routine too, nothing bad with that, but things just started getting “less tasty” as time passed by and our beloved hero began to seek a new adventure, something more thrilling, maybe even a bit risky.
As he practiced rock climbing for an year befor flying to Thailand he knew of some place named Ralay Beach an isolated peninsula surrounded by cliffs where climbers from all over the world go to enjoy their passion while spending awesome days in a tropical beach, with beautiful exotic women and smoking some good weed, too.
The destination was set, Hawke would embark on a solo journey to Ralay Beach spend 5 days there and meet up with some other fellow exchange students right after to go to the renowed Full Moon Party in Koh Panghan


The place was great and the people awesome, Hawke got to climb cliffs and make new friends from all places, he smoked weed for his first time and overall the experience was fun as he expected.
The twist mentioned before comes in play now tough.
During the 3rd night of his stay in Thailand after one too much bottle of beer and winning one too much game at pool some drunken thugs started messing with him, Hawke flew from the local and went walking to the beach towards his bungalow, before even getting close to it, the above mentioned thugs ran after him and broke the cue stick on his skull.
He fell to the ground in agony as blood was spilling like crazy from the wound on his head, the three thugs then abandoned him bleeding on the beach.
After the thugs disappeared Hawke picked himself up and with his last remaining energies he cried desperately for help.


Fortunately for him two Israeli guys who he came to know during those three days came to his rescue, having served in the Israeli military for four years they managed to give proper first aid and stopped his bleeding, they guarded him all night making shifts and at dawn escorted him to the nearby city’s hospital to have his wounds stitched. After then, they departed.
Being paranoid and irrational, Hawke decided to leave hospital recovery the same night, to spend it in a near guest house where he felt safer.
The shit hit the fan when he later spent the night in a nearby  bay where he was thrown out and beaten by the security guard because of some rumors that were spread throughout the bay and had reached the town.
He then freaked the hell out went to the cops and asked them to escort him to a real safe place, believing he was under the effects of some bad shrooms (yeah there circulated also those in that part of Thailand) they locked him alone in jail to let him boil down for the night, during that night he experienced things out of the ordinary, his mind started running faster and faster making billions of connections and by dawn he reached a state of cosmic consciousness where everything was clear, he was aware that everything he believed in, everything he knew was just a facade a proxy, that night Hawke had reached awakening.


The morning after Hawke was allowed to call the friends who  would have had to meet the same day, he told them what he had experienced behind bars and they thought he had gone crazy, and soon they had him hospitalized in a private clinic in Pattaya and have him reunited with some volunteers of the exchange program. His friends then left him, leaving him to his doom. He was sent back to Italy and got caught up in the mental health system.


“I met Patrick on Google+ when it was still a thing, the circumstances we met in are not that important really, what really matters is that I met someone for the first time after Thailand that didn’t consider me crazy or delusional if I were to describe in detail what I experienced during that night in jail, I instantaneously felt a deep connection with Patrick, he taught me about shamanism and spirituality and told me how harsh the road ahead would have been.”