The Ways Of The Concrete Shaman

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Concrete Shamanism is a form of shamanism native to modern culture. It was born because of the need to practice Shamanism in modern North America without co-opting another culture. Since you cannot excise a shaman from the culture they were born into, Concrete Shamanism is a way for modern shamans to practice and rely more on the wisdom of their culture and their ancestors rather than a physical elder or shamans from far-off lands.

Your favorite songs, your beloved films, your treasured books are all a part of your story. Concrete Shamanism embraces the soundtrack of your life. Everything is scared, every situation brings a valuable lesson, and every hardship brings about further enlightenment.

What follows is a set of principles discovered through the training to become a Concrete Shaman. During the intense process of learning how to manage the various skills and abilities the Concrete Shaman possesses, the shaman-in-training can look to these principles to see if they’ve achieved the particular state necessary to function effectively within their community and tribe.

To fully understand and practice these principles, you will have had to undergone much training. All lessons can lead back to these principles.

Never Forget You Are A Shaman

Yes, it can be quite unbelievable that you are what you are. But how much proof do you need? The spirits will constantly provide you with evidence, but is that necessary? You’ve accepted your calling, you’ve done the work, and now it’s time to operate in the world as you are.

The Shaman Fills A Role

Being a shaman is not glamorous and the lifestyle you have is based on where you need to be to fill the role assigned to you. It’s a service job, essentially. And where you are in life is exactly where you need to be. You may have to have a full time job in addition to being a shaman.

No One Chooses To Be A Shaman

You were chosen by the spirits for this role. Your particular talents and abilities were deemed valuable to the spirits and you were essentially drafted into doing work to benefit humanity. Your former life may have been quite secular and ordinary that’s precisely why you were chosen.

Shamans Are Not Human

After surviving death, you’ve been reborn. The spirits have set up situations for you to overcome that no human being could ever survive. You’ve been driven to the edge of insanity and come back. You cannot think of yourself as a human any more and to do so could have devastating consequences. This does not mean you are better or worse, it just means that human motivations mean very little to you, now.

The Shaman's Power Does Not Come From Him

Your power comes direct from God and the spirits and you can never claim that it comes from you. You are a vessel for spirits, entities and energies. You serve as a mediator between the spirit world and the human world. You have access to stores of hidden knowledge and information. It does not come from you and if you start thinking that it does, then you are not being very humble.

The Shaman Is Humble

While you may possess great insight and have access to ancient wisdom, you never brag or show off. You let others speak without interrupting. You understand that the Divine perspective is far greater and wiser than anything you could imagine.

A Shaman Never Panics

The shaman is always where he needs to be, so if a situation is alarming or potentially hazardous, know that it is happening for a Divine purpose. With this in mind, the shaman will be able to handle almost anything. If you ever find yourself panicking, then you’ve forgotten that you are a shaman.

Shamans Do Not Think

The shaman’s mind should be clear in order to avoid activating the ego. If you find yourself thinking, then you’re not being very humble and the fact that you’re a shaman may have slipped your mind.

Shamans Do Not Have Emotions

As the shaman is a vessel for spirits and other energies, any emotion that you may be feeling is an indicator of what’s going on in a particular situation. Through your training, you’ve eliminated attachments and expectations, so any emotion you are feeling is not coming from you.

A Shaman Is A Mirror

You are reflecting the projections people have. You are not what people think you are. You are formless and are nothing, essentially. Whatever is going on with the other person, they will see in you.

Shamans Have Everything They Need

While having some sort of a human life is necessary, pining over lost objects or relationships is futile. Worrying about possession of physical things is a waste of time. What you have and what you own is because the spirits have allowed you to have it. And they can quickly take it away if a situation demands it.

A Shaman Finds What He Is Looking For

If you lose something, relax. If you need something, hold on. The spirits move objects and hide them all the time. You will find it on a Divine timetable, not your own.

A Shaman Always Has Fun

Being able to have fun no matter what’s happening is the shaman’s strength. Some days you may not want to get out of bed especially when things get intense or grueling. You are going to have to do it anyway, so you may as well make it fun. And if you cannot make it fun, then you are not likely to be able to perform your duties effectively.

A Shaman Is Happy

Smile, laugh and have fun. If you’re taking things too seriously, ask yourself why? You’ve been to hell and back so why not just relax and chill out? You’ve evolved beyond the need of having conditions or circumstances dictate how you feel, so just be happy. The spirits love to see you smile.

A Shaman Never Argues

If someone wants to argue or pick a fight, just walk away. Let the other person win. You’re perspective is that no one wins anything in this world, so arguing is a complete waste of time. Disagreements and petty conflicts are not yours to solve unless asked.

A Shaman Is Peaceful

There is nothing to do and nowhere to go sometimes. Rather than look for something to do, just take a breather. Peace is a wonderful feeling and can be acheived easily if you’ve reached this particular level. Everything has been figured out and everything is sorted.

A Shaman Loves Everyone

The word “hate” is not part of the shaman’s vocabulary. You see the beauty and value in every person. While you may choose to not interact with certain people, it’s only because they will not understand the effect you might have on them.

A Shaman Doesn't Have Friends

Being a friend comes with certain responsibilities based on human needs for companionship and social conditioning. The shaman has his league of spirit guides and the people that he is helping and friendships or other entanglements can interfere with the Divine work. If anything gets in the way of this work,it will be removed. This does not mean that the shaman is lonely or cannot be there for others, it means that being in relationship with others can be problematic and sometimes people will not understand that your duties as a shaman supersede everything else.

A Shaman Is Proud Of His Culture

Everything from your culture is cause for celebration. If you are an American, proudly fly the flag and enjoy the freedoms afforded to you by the hard work of your ancestors. Everything from the most inane pop music to the most brilliant films…it all has value and cultural relevance.

A Shaman Is Always On Time

As the shaman knows, time does not really exist so you can never really be late for anything. Show up to work and appointments 15 minutes early all the time, every time.

If Asked, A Shaman Reveals He Is A Shaman

While it’s generally not a good idea to run around telling people you are a shaman, some people might sense something intense coming from you. If asked, you can say what’s going on with you but usually you won’t need to reveal it. Due to the shaman being a mirror, others might see qualities in you that do not exist. However, explaining this to others can be problematic. In general, it’s a good idea to keep a low profile until such time our culture is more accepting of shamans and what they do for humanity.

A Shaman Is Loyal To His Community

You were assigned to fill the role of shaman within your particular community and humanity has not evolved to the point where they truly understand that we are all one. Your city, your family or your race are all a part of your community and serving the particular interests of this community is your duty. Sometimes you may be forced to uphold the values or the goals of your community.

Shamans Do Not Engage In War

Politics, religion or resources. Those are pretty much the only reasons one would declare war on another. As shamans have no “skin in the game” so to speak, engaging in or advising on war is not something we do. While at times leaders may rely on us for advice, we can always find a peaceful way to deliver the goods.

A Shaman Is Secure In Their Sexuality

Gay, straight, bi, trans or whatever. The shaman fully understands the power of sexual energy and can harness that to do amazing things. Any residual shame or sexual hangups should have been addressed by now. The shaman may have varied sexual interests but these things are sacred to you. Your sexuality is based on the particular lessons you are to learn or the wisdom you must attain.

Shamans Are Worthy

You have joined a brotherhood of individuals that stretches back 50,000 years. You have been chosen to both receive and deliver this wisdom to serve humanity. Your role in the evolution of the species is important and if you do not feel worthy of this, then you are not being very humble.

Shamans Are Grateful

Everything you have is because of God and the spirits. From the pillow on your bed to the food in your belly. Make gratitude a part of your daily routine.

The Elder Shaman Can Teach You

Even though these principles can be difficult to master, your elder shaman has endured intense and painful situations in order to gain this wisdom. While you are free to make mistakes and learn on your own, your elder shaman can simply impart this knowledge to you.


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