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There is a very popular card game Cards Against Humanity that makes us shamanic types very curious. It’s billed as a “party game for horrible people” and declares it to be as “despicable and awkward as you and your friends.” You may ask yourself if you really want to get yourself involved in a game that encourages you to be awful and hateful. A game where being a terrible person is rewarded?

If you want to put yourself through something like that, you can download and play the game for free. But how much will it cost to undo the damage to your psyche from playing a game like that? Before my initiation, I thought this game was quite funny. and not really a big deal. But with a greater awareness I can see how what’s presented in that game can seep into consciousness in alarming ways. 

As we’re working every day towards helping people get better, get stronger and awaken, Cards Against Humanity is a game that present concepts about hatred, intolerance, violence, anger, hopelessness and greed as if that’s the way life actually is. And more than that. it treats these things like they are enjoyable states to be in. Through my training to be a shamanic practitioner, I’ve learned that games and entertainment can give people weird ideas about life and reality that’s not true at all. Not going into what the actual cards in Cards Against Humanity actually say, I can assure you that they can be the opposite of what you might be trying to achieve in your spiritual development. Playing a game that presents constantly being sarcastic as normal or pissed-off at the world can have a devastating effect on you and your relationships.

Cards For Humanity: The Powerful States Of Being Deck

Of course, you could play Cards Against Humanity from a higher perspective and see it as a ridiculous satire of where humans are in this culture. If you are an avid news-watcher or completely immersed in politics, drunkenness and pop culture one might enjoy it. But if you’re interested in personal development, gaining useful life skills and actually making a difference in your life and in the lives of your loved ones, have we got a game for you! Unfortunately, most have learned interpersonal relationship skills from watching television so unless others around you are really interested in spiritual transformation, this will be a solo game. But once you’ve played some rounds of the cards in our deck, you’ll start to see a positive change.

You may think you have entered your life experience with the cards stacked against you, but this deck can help you achieve powerful states like harmony and abundance rather than states like envy and fear as promoted in Cards Against Humanity. And once others see the change in you, you might want to pass this deck onto them.

Turning our transcendental spiritual experiences into practical applications is our goal here at The Concrete Tribe. And we’ve developed a teaching deck to help you learn how to solve problems and communicate better with others. You don’t necessarily have to believe that we communicate with spirits or that our healing rituals can do what modern medicine cannot. It’s within human nature to resist our very own healing or deliverance from pain. We’ve come to understand that the knowledge is within and the Powerful States Of Being Deck may allow one to relax into peace, harmony an well-being.

There are 9 powerful states of being, that once achieved, may allow one to live life to the fullest. By powerful, we don’t mean the kind of power that is a controlling or manipulative kind of power. Nor is it the “authentic power” as discussed in The Seat Of The Soul by Gary Zukav. This is a basic power that is available to all humans. We’ve discovered through working with others that many feel powerless against their life circumstances. While the teachings of Abraham Hicks and The Law Of Attraction are about non-physical concepts that can be quite difficult to understand, (such as how thoughts actually create reality) we developed this deck for the beginner who might be new to spiritual concepts while also allowing for more advanced to gain further insight.

One can discover a power to just “be” that is perhaps the greatest power one can achieve.  It’s simply the kind of power that allows to you to function effectively. If you want to make toast, plug in the toaster. When you are in a powerless state of being such as anger or jealousy you won’t be able to make good decisions or you’ll experience unnecessary drama or conflicts. You will actually take actions that will continue to contribute to the powerless states you are trying to escape from. 

Through our work and research, we’ve discovered that experience is the greatest teacher and telling people how to help themselves has never worked. We’ve counseled people on their spiritual issues and helped them achieve a powerful state of being only to have them go back to their life where they quickly forget the tools and techniques we’ve given them. We developed this deck as both a takeaway for the people we’ve helped and also a self-directed teaching tool. We never give people advice and this deck draws upon ones own life experience as a basis for learning.  This deck simulates having a spiritual experience and once it is experienced, then it becomes the teacher. 

The Solution Appears Alongside The Problem

How we came to acquire this information that is presented in this deck might be quite unbelievable. We constantly do reality checks on each other. Did we really get visits from Divine beings? Did we really leave our bodies to get information from other dimensions? You betcha. And our tales and adventures in the spirit world won’t make any sense to those not able to experience the Divine. The cards may look rather simple but when they are presented together, they might unearth buried traumas, secret shames, forgotten grudges or remind you of past mistakes. The human psyche has an uncanny way of hiding solutions in plain sight. Believe it or not, whenever a problem presents itself, the solution also appears. This deck was created from our own shamanic experiences and utilizes processes through the spiritual practice of Concrete Shamanism. These techniques help one become healed and happy so that no further traumas can occur.

If you knew the outcome of a particular situation or event, you might not engage with it and this deck can help one further explore their own in-born psychic abilities. Shamans have been known for their skills of divination but it’s not necessarily supernatural in nature. Through the shaman’s training, he’s learned to become hyper-aware of reality. It’s not easily explained in human terms, but shamans actually can predict the future but it’s largely based on science, reason, logic in addition to being open to information gained from other dimensions where information is stored (such as The Akashic Records). Using this deck may allow you to receive information from other dimensions just like a shaman does but limited to your own personal experience. 


How The Deck Works

The deck is split into ten suits. The first nine suits are the individual states like fun, peace or clarity. The last suit is about achievement of those particular states. There are 72 cards in total. Below we present a sample spread and how it can be used to help you both achieve a particular desired state of being and also give you tools for when you are out in the real world.

Example Spread

The card in the middle is about achieving the powerful state of contentment and that is the one to focus on in this spread. We’ve intentionally left off the word “contentment” from the card because you have to relax into these states of being rather than work towards them. After some use of the cards, you’ll learn from experience what the symbols mean and what particular state you are to achieve. An action you can take towards being content is to just be grateful. So this spread encourages you to just be grateful. But being just generally grateful might be a stretch if your current reality is particularly challenging. 

The cards on either side, when taken individually, are about achieving the state of fun and love. But used in conjunction with this spread, you ignore the suit and instead use them as supporting actions for the middle card. The “Making It A Game” card encourages making anything a game. Can you make being grateful a game? Perhaps a deeper understanding of gratitude is at hand. Perhaps make a list of all people, places and things in your life that you enjoy and cherish. Maybe invent your own “gratitude game” so whenever you feel discontent, just play your game to feel better.

The action card on your right is about understanding those you love. On its own, the card encourages one to truly understand where their loved ones are coming from. And this understanding can help one be grateful for them being in their life and what they bring to them. The description of card 30 asks to put yourself in the shoes of your loved one to see where they are coming from. This understanding can lead to a deeper gratitude for them and thus help you to relax into the state of contentment. 

Let’s look at another example spread to give you a better idea of how these cards work together in an uncanny way to help you achieve a state of peace.

In this example spread, we’re learning about achieving peace as the symbol on the middle card indicates. Card 49 “Fixing It” is an action card about not apologizing for something, but rather just fixing it. Apologies come often if you are not learning from mistakes (Card 41 “Learning From Mistakes” deals with that), so don’t say “I’m sorry” in a situation where you’ve messed up pretty bad. If you’ve been beating up yourself your whole life, just fixing it can lead to an inner peace you might never have experienced. Sometimes you might be afraid you’re going to mess up even more, but continued work on this deck might inform you as to how to fix it using cards in the love suit. 

The cards flanking the “Fixing It” card just happen to be about achieving clarity. Perhaps these actions could help you in fixing it, whatever “it” is be it a life situation or a broken appliance. Yes, that’s right. Whatever you feel is broken in your life is perhaps preventing you from achieving peace easily. Card 42 “Not Being Right” is about how having the need to be right all the time, might lead to one being wrong. You might not be able to see how to fix something because you have this innate desire to be right about it. And this “needing to be right” can lead to one not seeing the solution that is right in front of them.  This card encourages one to just be wrong, and being wrong about a particular subject or person can often lead to an aha moment or a wonderful breakthrough.

Card 30 “Experience Teaches” is really what this deck is all about. Only you are the expert on your own experience and only you can tell yourself exactly what to do. This card encourages you to look back on your own experience for answers or information on what to do in regards to fixing whatever so you can achieve peace. You can’t get advice from anyone else because you are living your own unique experience and only you know what you truly want. 

Taken together, the three cards can work towards helping you achieve peace both inner and outer. And that peace can be quite powerful and once you truly feel it, you’ll want to experience it all the time. 

Use Of The Deck

We are releasing a guide for this deck very soon that describes each card in greater detail. For now you are free to give the deck a go and see what it tells you. A word of caution, however. Constant inner work is exhausting unless you are spiritual teachers like us. It’s our job to do this work and we go hardcore every day. For others, any more than one spread per day is not recommended until you start to achieve a certain degree of mastery in your life. This deck will get your momentum in the right direction. We encourage casual use only unless you are able to really engage with the transformation of your life and do the appropriate mirror work. This deck is only a piece of your spiritual development albeit an important one. Achieving these powerful states is a cornerstone in becoming a more enlightened being. 

As we shift our practices from “healing” into teaching and instruction, we are taking what we learned from our intense shamanic trials and present them for others in practical ways. We are available for individual and personalized direction on using this deck and to make an appointment to work with us, text or call 773-789-9275. If you have a quick question regarding this deck or any other spiritual issue you have, feel free to send us a text and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We are not set up for an emergency or crisis so please keep that in mind.

This deck is not a replacement for professional help or therapy. We are ordained ministers for Shamanism, we are not psychologists. Even though we have consulted many mental health professionals while working on this deck, it should be treated like any other spiritual process. It is way beyond what modern medicine and psychology addresses. It may move you beyond healing and into a new way of life.

We present this deck for you to use for free and if you like it and it’s working for you, then please consider a donation to support the great work we are doing. We have more innovative spiritual technology in the pipeline and your donations go a long way towards helping us help others. 

To use the Powerful States Of Being Deck, click here.

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