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READ ME FIRST: Before using this deck, make sure you have read the introduction. This deck is designed to simulate a spiritual experience so make sure you are in a quiet space where you are comfortable. Light some incense, burn some sage or light some candles. You are engaging with a sacred shamanic process and it should be treated as such.

INSTRUCTIONS: This page was designed with your tablet and smartphone in mind so that you can use it as a WebApp. Create a shortcut on your device screen for easy access to this page.

Flip over the middle card first. This is the state of being to work on achieving. The symbol at the top denotes which state to focus upon with the action that can be taken. The cards to the left and the right are supporting actions that can be taken. For full descriptions of the cards, see the guidebook. For a key to symbols, see the bottom of this page.

These cards are about you and your relationships, career and life situations. It is a teaching deck and not an oracle or divination deck. The concepts and actions presented on these cards should not be considered advice. Suggested use of this deck is once per day as it deals with rewiring your consciousness to easily achieve these states of being.

The deck presented above omits the Achievement suit and we’ve made those particular cards available to those donating. The Achievement suit should only be added once all of the other states are understood and achieved.  A preview of the Achievement Mode is below.

Get Access To The Additional Modes

If you are using this deck and are loving it like we do, please consider a donation. You may also schedule one-on-one personalized instruction or insight about this deck by texting or calling 773-789-9275. We can also answer quick questions or give further insight about the particular spreads you encounter if you send us a screenshot.

A donation of $10 or more will nab you access to the specialized modes and expansion packs where you can work on specific states like abundance or inner peace. Your contributions to this work are appreciated and anyone who has made a previous donation can apply those to this offer. Once your donation has been verified, we will contact you with the access codes to the additional modes.


Achievement Mode (Preview)

Gain mastery over achieving these states of being with a specialized mode available to those who have donated. Not all cards are included in this preview so it should not be used in your process. This preview shows the last suit of Acheivement cards but omits most of the other cards.

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Peace, Love and Harmony Mode (Preview)

A special preview of the mode where only the Peace, Love and Harmony cards are used. Do not use this preview in your process as it omits many cards.

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The Powerful States Of Being Key