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The Nature Of Personal Reality
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Published: 1994

Reviewed by Patrick Coleman

When I was first told that I create my own reality, my first thought was "no fucking way." If I created my own reality, then why was my life such a struggle? Why would I create a reality where I hated my job and where I spent my time vacillating between indignant anger and simmering rage. A reality where the only relief I could find was within the confines of a bottle or recreational drug use. A reality where I was out of control and I hated nearly everyone, including myself. No, I could not take responsibility for that. Why would I create a reality that was so shitty, difficult and painful?

When a friend suggested the Seth books, I was amazed that I had never heard of them before. Before my shamanic initiation, I had been merely curious about the books in metaphysical shops. I had rejected the oppressive rules of Christianity but I had not yet embraced true spirituality. To be fair, the spirits had been calling me for quite some time but I wasn't answering. I would later find out that most people create their reality by default. And simply because they refuse to take responsibility for it, they'll reject books like this.

I did not read this book straight through the first time. It's the kind of book one picks up leisurely and slowly.

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